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Welcome to Year Two!

Welcome to our Year 2 classes page!

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Our Termly Value Discussion – Honesty

  • We should all be honest because…
    • If we tell a lie, we could get in trouble.
    • If it’s an accident you need to tell the truth.
    • It’s not nice to blame others.
    • If you lie, you feel worse and you don’t feel good.
    • The worry of telling a lie, grows and makes your tummy feel bad.
  • How can we show we are honest?
    • Tell a grown-up straight away so they can deal with it and they can see you’re being honest.
    • By telling the truth.
    • Tell someone/a grown-up if you’ve broken something.

A variety of activities, games, websites and ideas for your child to have a go at, in order to enrich and extend their learning. Do note that some activities may need adult support.

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