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Our teachers aim to provide a wide range of writing experiences that will enable children to feel enthused, excited and motivated to write. 


We do this in the following ways:

  • Audience and purpose – always provide a good reason to write. Give the children a clear idea of who they are writing to and what it is for.
  • Different kinds of writing – expose children to writing in all shapes and forms, from signs, labels and captions, to comic strips, recipes and leaflets as well as stories and writing for information.
  • First-hand experiences - help generate vocabulary and ideas. This can be trips out, visitors, a themed day, a drama or sensory experience, exciting objects. All these experiences can create atmosphere, mood or excitement that can help fire the children’s imaginations.
  • Cross curricula opportunities – applying the styles, techniques and conventions used within English to all other areas of the curriculum such as Science, History, Geography, Topic and PSHE. This develops versatility and allows the children to exercise their literary skills within a variety of challenging settings. 
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