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Friends of Brook Field School


Welcome to Friends of Brook Field School (FOBS). This is your guide and reference to what FOBS are all about, what we do.  Our focus is to promote activities within the school, such as discos and dress down days in order to help raise funds and engage with pupils.  FOBS is made up of parent volunteers who have an interest in helping to raise invaluable additional funds so that Brook Field School can provide resources and improve the learning environment for all pupils. FOBS work closely with the school staff and parents to create a fun, positive atmosphere within the school.  


Your FOBS Committee

Co-chairs:  Rebekah Rose & Fiona Maynard

Vice-chair:  Hannah Dukes

Treasurer:  Helen Motture

Secretary:  Santina Harrison


Mission Statement

The PTA here at Brook Field is a committed community of parent volunteers, working alongside the school to benefit the experiences of our children.  We meet regularly on an informal basis to organise fundraising events that will support the wider school, as well as put the 'fun' in fundraising!  FOBS relies on the kind support of parents and teachers giving their own free time to help make Brook Field an exciting and enriched place for all our children.




Meeting Minutes

How can you help

We are always looking for more volunteers to help with fundraising events.

Please contact us by e-mail:

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