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At Brook Field we plan to offer a high-quality, progressive art and design curriculum building upon the children’s successes each year, equipping our children with the appropriate knowledge and skills. Our art and design curriculum is provided within a cross curricular, multi -sensory approach, with planned opportunities for oracy. Its focus to: engage, inspire and challenge pupils to investigate, experiment, invent, create, and reflect upon their own works of art as well as pivotal artists and architects from the art and design world that have contributed to the culture and creativity of our Nation.



We aim to develop the following areas:

·  promote enjoyment in all art activities

·  encourage the natural abilities that every child possesses

·  enable pupils to become visually literate, to use and understand Art as a means of communicating ideas and feelings

·  teach children to look carefully at images and artefacts from the past, from the present and from other cultures

·  help children communicate confidently and develop aesthetic judgements and reflections about influential artists, their own work, the work of others

·  develop children's skills, imagination and knowledge of a variety of materials and art medium so that ideas can be planned, developed and completed successfully

·  increase language skills, through oracy opportunities, expressing opinions in relation to the child's own work and the work of others

·  use Art as a means of creating a stimulating and attractive environment, celebrating all

achievements and making a positive contribution to their working environment.

Artwork created by two of our talented artists at Brook Field, inspired by an assembly investigating the work of Giuseppe Arcimboldo. An Italian painter who is best known for his paintings of imaginary, creative portrait heads of fruit and vegetables.

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