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Media Team

The media team are the people who work tirelessly, to cleverly create this fantastic magazine and they are in year six.

Do you want to be in the magazine when you are in year six?

Keep working hard at English, computing, oh and all the other subjects too!


Our wonderful Team Members for 2024


Izzy,  Inaya, Elizabeth, Sathana, Brooke, Lauren, Landy, Joanne, 

Hanna, Amber, Anna, Bethany, Isla, Aaran, Simon, James, William, Luke



We have a new magazine coming out in EASTER! 

To make the magazine the best we can, if you have any ideas come to us! We will accept any suggestions so don’t be scared ( not all of the ideas will go in the magazine so don’t be sad if its not it in the magazine because it could be in the summer edition.) If your idea is in the magazine, then congratulations!



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