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School Uniform

Brook Field school and governing body strongly encourage the wearing of a school uniform.


please order uniforms from: Dress My School


In the winter:


• Black or grey trousers (no jeans) or skirts or pinafores


• White shirt, blouse or polo shirt


• Red sweatshirt, cardigan or fleece


• Sensible flat black shoes (no trainers). Sensible flat boots below knee height are permissible in the cold, wet months.


In the summer:


• Red check summer dresses


• Black or grey shorts, trousers (no jeans) or skirts


• White or red polo shirts


• Sensible flat shoes or sandals (no flip flops or trainers)


No nail polish or jewellery (with the exception of stud ear rings) should be worn to school.


PE Kit


• Black shorts or PE skirt


• T-shirt in house colour


• Daps or trainers


• In colder months children may wear tracksuit trousers and their school jumper or school fleece.


We strongly recommend that parents send their children to school in Brook Field embroidered sweatshirts. We believe that it adds to the sense of pride we have in our wonderful school and increases our community spirit, both within and outside of the school grounds. We also ask that all clothing is labelled with the child's name clearly in it.


All Brook Field embroidered school wear can be purchased online from our supplier. please see link at the top of this page.


Second-hand Uniform

As part of our ongoing commitment to reduce the impact on our environment, we encourage the recycling of uniform. Please contact our Friends of Brook Field for second-hand uniform or to make a donation of uniform. Email:



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