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Year 6

Year 6 created their own 'Mission to Mars' pictures by using a variety of different media to reflect their chosen music 'Mars' by the Holst. We discuss how the music created a sinister atmosphere and began to imagine what aliens living on Mars might look like. Rather than drawing the whole creature, we used black pens and chalk to draw a specific feature of these possible aliens.


We also used voice and body percussion to create a piece of music which represented the sound of a rocket going into space and reaching Mars. 


Quotes from the children:


"I enjoyed drawing the different parts of the aliens because it looked really effective and sinister with the chalk," by Rosie.


"I always thought classical music was slow and boring but it was really exciting and there were different types of moods created by each piece," by Ibrahim. 


Elvira thought about how we could adapt the idea for the future by "maybe not choosing classical music but more pop, jazz, rock or something like that".

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