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Welcome to our Year 5 classes page!

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Our Termly Value Discussion - Perseverance 


  • If you find something hard don’t give up.
  • Keep going until you get it right.
  • Be like the gingerbread man, never stop running until you reach your goal.
  • We need to make mistakes to learn.
  • Whatever dream you’ve got you can accomplish it.
  • Don’t let your wishes die because they can come true.
  • Tortoise and the hare – slow and steady wins the race.
  • When you believe you can achieve.
  • If you don’t get it, persevere and try again.
  • Don’t let anyone push back your dreams and goals.
  • When you’ve done something once you can do it again.
  • You can do anything.
  • If you give up the first time you could miss out on something amazing.
  • Nothing is impossible.
  • Third time’s a charm.
  • When you work hard you can achieve.
  • To always keep going and never give up at our tasks.
  • In a subject if you find it hard to keep trying and this will reward you in the end.
  • Ask a friend for help if getting a little stuck so that you can continue on with the task.
  • Always use the resources in the classroom as this might give you an example to work through and help you to persevere.
  • If you say you can't do. You won't be able to do. So always be positive. Keep on believing in yourself!


A variety of activities, games, websites and ideas for your child to have a go at, in order to enrich and extend their learning. Do note that some activities may need adult support.

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