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Year Five

                     Welcome to Year Five!

Welcome to our Year 5 classes page!

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Our Termly Value Discussion - Responsibility 


    • Taking care of school equipment
    • Being responsible for your items
    • Its your responsibility to be kind to others
    • Make sure you go to the toilet at break and lunch
    • B responsible with other people’s items
    • Tell the truth
    • Don’t fiddle when you should be listening
    • Look after yourself
    • Take responsibility for your actions
    • Take responsibility for what you say, use kind words
    • Pick things up off the floor – even if it’s not yours
    • Follow our golden rules
    • Bringing homework and reading records home is our responsibility
    • To come to school and be on time, ready to learn
    • Know where your things are at home and in school
    • Be honest, speak out
    • Be healthy
    • Look after your friends and mend your friendships
    • Listen
    • House captains – taking the role seriously, use your responsibility wisely
    • Breaktime buddies - Looking after younger children
    • Being mature, setting an example for younger children
    • Looking after the library


    A variety of activities, games, websites and ideas for your child to have a go at, in order to enrich and extend their learning. Do note that some activities may need adult support.

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