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Our Termly Value Discussion – Creativity



Creativity means a lot to me and everyone else in the world as people are creative in all different ways.  There is so many ways to be creative and it differs you from everyone else, all of the famous people have only became who they are because of creativity, whether it be in music, art or anything else, it makes life more colourful and fun. 


Creativity to me is being different, making something new. 


To me creativity is best in sport so you can think of a new strategy so the opposition don’t know what your going to do. 


I think creativity is most important in sports because if you keep doing the same strategy the other team might catch on.


I think creativity is most important in English and Art because for English you need to be creative of what you write and for Art be creative about drawing.


Creativity is thinking of different ideas, method and theories. You can be creative anywhere.


Creativity is embracing the things around you at a deeper level and making your own ideas not taking others.


I think creativity is finding different solutions when doing everyday tasks and making it fun.


Creativity means your own unique way of doing something.


In my opinion creativity doesn’t always mean a lovely piece of art, it means to use your mind in a different way and expressing your thoughts and feelings in a unique way.


Creativity can be used in sport because you would not want to use the same play or tactic over and over again you need to be creative and mix it up.  As well as this you can be creative anywhere while doing anything. 


Creativity is being creative in pictures.


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