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Year Six

Welcome to Year Six!

Welcome to our Year 6 classes page!

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Our Termly Value Discussion – Respect


Not talking over other people

Putting your hand up

Taking care of school equipment

Holding the doors open

Using your manners

Respecting others' opinions

Including everyone

Tucking our chairs in

Keeping things tidy

Being kind to others

Listening, not hearing

Being kind to all year groups

Making eye contact

Not running inside

Facing who's speaking

Helping pick up rubbish even if it's not yours

Using appropriate volume

Not judging others

Respecting others right to learn

Respecting classroom jobs


Tidying up after yourself

No fidgeting while someone is talking

No talking back to adults

Including others




    A variety of activities, games, websites and ideas for your child to have a go at, in order to enrich and extend their learning. Do note that some activities may need adult support.

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