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As part of our topic, ‘Percy the Park Keeper’, we invited Mary from ‘Wild Science’ to come and visit Foundation Stage and share some of her wonderful animals. All of the children had lots of fun and were very excited to meet the animals. We all enjoyed stroking Barnaby the rabbit and Dougal the chinchilla. Mary had to spray Hop the frog with water and then we could gently touch Hop’s skin. We found out that Shelly the giant African snail is nocturnal. The children were amazed to discover that the corn snake ‘smells’ with its tongue! Unfortunately Mary’s hedgehog was too sleepy to visit us however Mary told us lots of interesting hedgehog facts and the children found out about why lots of animals hibernate during the cold winter months.

Thank you to Mrs Ashraf for coming into Foundation Stage and sharing how some Muslims welcome a baby into their religion. It was fascinating to hear how the newborn baby gets a little hair cut and what happens during the Aqiqah ceremony.

As part of our RE topic on where do we belong, Rev Angela Mak visited us and showed us how Christians welcome a baby through a Baptism. After demonstrating, some of our children chose to have a go at role playing with the dollies in the water tray under the watchful eye of Rev Angela.

Mrs Karavardi paid us a visit to share the Hindu festival Raksha Bandhan which is a celebration of brothers and sisters. After looking at some real rakhi bracelets, we had a go at making our own bracelets to give to our loved ones.

Our first day at school

As part of our topic on 'All about me!', we have started exploring what babies can do before we begin to compare this with what we can do at the age of four and five. We were very fortunate to have Miss Dixon bring in her baby today so we could see and hear what babies need and like to play with. Thank you Miss Dixon. Your baby gave us lots of smiles and made us all smile too!

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