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Our School Council reps were excited to carry out their 'Be Kind to Our Planet' assemblies with both Key Stage 1 and 2 children. They thanked the children for continuing to support the 'The Brook Field Magic Five' and introduced their next project, to reduce air pollution around Brook Field School. We would really like our parents to get involved and support their children and our school community in making small changes to their lives to help our planet! Please see the attached School Council Assembly PDF especially slide 22 which promotes 'Clean Air Day' and put the 20th June date in your diaries!

Brook Field School Council

Brook Field School Council

Working together to make our school a better place


Brook Field School Council is made up of a representative from each class from Year 2 to Year 6.  We have regular meetings where we discuss and act on our action plan. We then have time in class to feed back and take further ideas.

Our School Council represents the views of all our pupils. It gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community.

Since September, 2021 the school council reps have been exploring with their teachers and the children in their classes what feeling 'safe' means both within and outside our school setting.  The reps have shared a video of the book 'What Does It Mean to Be Safe?' by Rano DiOrio.  All of the children throughout Brook Field School have had the opportunity to talk about many aspects of safety including : online safety, safety within the school buildings, safety in our playground, knowing what to do in a fire drill, not accepting bullying, respecting the power of things that could harm you, being able to tell someone what you think or how you feel, knowing your problems should not be secrets, being accepted for being you, having people in your life who care about your well-being such as parents, teachers and friends.                                                                                                                                                                      

The School Council reps discovered during their meetings and class discussions that 'When we take care of ourselves, our families, and our friends, our world is a safer, more peaceful, and more joyful place.'


We want to empower all children in Brook Field School to be safe 'superheroes' (see attached pdf.) 'Listen to your inner voice and realize you have the power to protect yourself and others.'

At the start of 2023, lots of Brook Field children participated in this year's 'Eat the Rainbow' week. The school council reps were very keen to promote healthy eating across the school and thought by carrying out this special week this would encourage children to try some different fruit and vegetables.  The majority of the school council reps led by example and brought in red morning snacks on Monday, orange snacks on Tuesday, yellow snacks on Wednesday, green snacks on Thursday and finally, the challenging colour, purple snacks on Friday! The reps were not disappointed by the children in our school.  During our school council meeting the reps shared lots of photos of happy children enjoying their rainbow snacks. Have a look at a selection of these photos below.  A final message that the reps shared with the children in their classes is the importance of bringing to school a daily healthy morning snack: Please remember, water in water bottles and morning snacks can be any fruit or vegetables, bread sticks, crackers or cheddar cheese.

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