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Welcome to Year Four!

Welcome to our Year 4 classes page!

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Our Termly Value Discussion – Responsibility 

  • It is when you help someone.
  • It is doing something by yourself and being proud of it.
  • Doing stuff you're supposed to do without complaining.
  • Looking after things and not breaking stuff.
  • Helping someone if they ask you to.
  • Owning up to something you've done and not hiding it or being untruthful.
  • Admitting to it if you break something - it's like being honest.
  • If you're stuck on a question, have a go before you ask for help.
  • Take care of belongings and school property
  • Following instructions and not messing around
  • Telling the truth
  • Being independent
  • Not throwing things that shouldn’t be thrown
  • Having mature actions and acting our age
  • Not littering
  • Picking up after our animals
  • Recycling when possible to help the environment
  • Help wildlife and the eco-system by looking after bees, trees and animals

A variety of activities, games, websites and ideas for your child to have a go at, in order to enrich and extend their learning. Do note that some activities may need adult support.

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