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Monday 9th May 2022


A big hello and a huge hug from us here at Braeside!! We are having a FABULOUS time so far, as you can probably tell from the pictures of us on the website!  We were very excited and with bags of energy, we got off the bus and wheeled the suitcases to the stables for storage – and what an achievement that was! Some of the cases were bigger than us! Goodness knows what’s in them but we think there might be some parents tucked inside ready to pop out later on!! 

Anyway, we got our bearings around the beautiful grounds and met our helpers for the next three days. They are brilliant and make everything really exciting so we are all in very good hands. Splitting into our three groups, we then headed off for the day to complete our activities – canoeing at Devizes Wharf, high ropes, Leap of Faith, climbing, quick jump and problem-solving before swapping over after lunch. Canoeing was amazing and after sliding down the bank with a little push and a splash, we were off, paddling around like proper canoeists! We played a variety of games in the water and fortunately, despite a few wobbles and some seriously dodgy steering, none of us capsized or ended up paddling down the locks towards the sea! Lots of us conquered any fears we might have had with heights with the daring Leap of Faith, high ropes and quick jump! All our Year 4 staff were so impressed with the courage and determination that we showed for these thrill-seeking activities! Working as a team was really important during our problem-solving challenges where we listened carefully to each other and support one another in completing the different tasks.  

We then spent some time playing in the gardens on the lawn, enjoying the lovely sunshine before heading indoors to find out who we were sharing a room with......da da dah! Lots of happy little faces, excited chatter, squeals of excitement and hugs and then we were off to find our bedrooms, lugging our cases up 4 flights of stairs (and regretting packing ALL those clothes and teddies!) 

After unpacking, arranging our teddies and bouncing on the beds to check on the comfort levels, we then changed into our smart clothes and headed for the restaurant where we enjoyed a delicious meal from the lovely cooks who served up a treat for us. Pasta bolognaise, jacket potatoes, salad, apple crumble with custard for dessert were all polished off in record time! We were all quite hungry and it wasn’t long before we had cleared the kitchen of food and worked well as a team to tidy away and head outside for our final event of the day, the town trail. The town trail involved a lot of walking and our legs were a little weary by the end of the day but we had brilliant guides in the names of Mrs Cook, Miss McNally, Mr Clarke, Mrs Backwell, Mrs Swift and Miss Farrow who told us all about the various important buildings and sites in Devizes. We were all really great at spotting the blue plaques around the town and understanding a little more about why Devizes was built where it is and learning about the different buildings and monuments. Next time you are in the town centre, we are sure you will have some excellent year 4 guides who will be able to lead the way for you!  

Before bed we also wrote our postcards to you – we hope you get them before we come back! We can’t wait until tomorrow when we will hopefully get some more letters from you. If today is anything to go by, we will end up having our own post lorry! We have a slight inkling how Santa might feel but it is really lovely for the children to get letters, so thank you for writing. Please post any final letters first thing tomorrow so they get here by Wednesday, thank you.  

Finally, we settled around the lounge for a final drink before heading up to bed, the first night away from home for some of us and a big thing to get through. All changed and safely tucked up after a brilliant day, we were left to go to sleep...... at which point the tiptoeing starts...... the trips to the bathroom, and of course the endless hushed chattering!  

We miss you all lots but we are all safe and well and looking forward to another busy day tomorrow.  

Year 4 team and lots of sleeping monkeys! Xx  

Braeside 2022 photos

Tuesday 10th May 2022

Hello everyone, sending you all another big hug from us at Braeside! We had a brilliant first night away from home, well done Year 4s, you did it and should be incredibly proud of yourselves! Only one more sleep to go and then we’ll be home in our own beds...... peace is in sight...... :-D

After a hearty breakfast this morning with plenty of rounds of toast, we then gathered on the lawn to learn about the day ahead. After organising ourselves (which took SO long...... how many times did we say to fill up their waterbottle and find their named wellies?!) we then we set off for Drew’s Pond Woods. We had a brisk walk through the town, spotting the sights from yesterday and meandering through the churchyard.

We then split into our classes and headed down into the heart of the woods where we carried out a velocity experiment teams, learning how to test the speed of the water and taking accurate measurements and recordings to ensure our test was fair. Our wellies ensured we kept dry, despite a bit of splashing and shuffling up the riverbed and we had a great time catching creatures in the nets to identify. We also created some beautiful natural art which we cannot wait to show you!

After a lovely day outdoors, we headed back to the house and  got a second wind and decided the 12,000 steps we had walked needed topping up and ran around on the back lawn again until it was time to change for dinner.

Another wonderful meal, our appetites clearly needing fuel from our excursion, we then headed indoors to the studios of Braeside’s Got Talent! And what a talented lot we are! From singing to gymnastics, dancing to comedy, music to football, we had an absolute treat all night long with the free entertainment! We are such a gifted group of year 4s who entertained each other for a good hour. Laughter, hilarity, cheering, clapping, we all had such a treat and ended the night on a real high.

A drink before bed, more free time and then upstairs to pack...... ALOT of cramming and stuffing, squeezing and sitting on our cases (and definitely no folding of clothes) we are about to get ready for our last night of sleep.

Night night, only one more sleep and we will see you tomorrow!

Love Year 4



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