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Year 1

Year 1 voted for Stravinsky’s Firebird. It was decided that they would use their previous colour fixing skills to create the hot colours needed to describe the Firebird.
Session 1 was to use big brushes and sweeping movements to create the flowing motion of the bird in flight.
Session 2 was to use their experiences of the morning to inform a more detailed painting with fine brushes to highlight the feathers on the bird.
Session 3 took Year 1 to the hall to listen to the music. identify the instruments, timbre and dynamic changes.
From this, grouped in their T shirt colours, they created an egg around the firebirds, which hatched as the music developed. The Firebirds then grew and flew until the crescendo when they came together to explode towards the sky, their work done and the villagers surrounded them with arms up stretched in celebration. Year 1 showed good listening skills, concentration and awareness of their body movements. This was videoed for the children to see. They very much enjoyed seeing the finished performance.
Session 4 moved to the music mobile, where Year 1 stayed in their groups to create music that would explore their movements. Each group chose an instrument they felt was appropriate, chime bars progressing to xylophones, drums and finally cymbals. They had to practise the changing dynamics as the music layered, whilst maintaining control of the ending. This was also videoed.
Session 5 was a collaborative piece of collage. The year group was mixed to develop ideas and the children showed great thought and care as they chose their materials and created a finished Firebird.
Sharing assembly was a celebration of all Year 1’s work and followed the journey through their ideas.

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