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The whole school enjoyed French Day, tasting food and practising their language skills.

Rocky Steady concert

Visit from the author Neil Griffiths

If you go down to the Woodland Walk tonight.....

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Gymnastics competition 2024


Brook Field School recently took part in a Gymnastics competition at Abbey Park School. Against stiff competition from 5 other schools, we achieved fantastic results!


Team Results

Year 1-Silver

Year 2- Gold (For the second year in a row)

Year 3- Bronze

Year 4- Gold (For the second year in a row)

Year 5- Silver

They also awarded additional medals for the top 3 gymnast in their competition overall which meant that some children walked away with 2 medals.


Individual Results

Year 1- Eve - Bronze- 3rd Overall

Year 2- Rubi-Anne - Silver 2nd Overall

Year 2- Millie - Gold- 1st Overall

Year 4- Phoebe - Silver 2nd Overall

Year 4- Oliver  – Gold- 1st Overall

Year 5- Chloe - Silver 2nd Overall


A massive well done to those children for their success and also thank you to all the staff who have encouraged and supported the children.

The nocturnal activities in the Brook Field grounds

Dance Festival 2024

Sing Up 2024


Foundation Stage

Foundation Stage have been learning about Antarctica this term. We have been dancing to 'Penguins Attention!' as our Wake and shake routine this term and we shared our singing and dancing of this song during Singup assembly. 


Year One

Year 1 have been learning about ‘The Great Fire of London’ this term. We have been singing the song London’s Burning during our music lessons. We also shared our singing and actions of this song during Singup assembly. 


Year Two

Our topic this term is Jack and the Baked Beanstalk. We have learned 'Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum', one of the giant's songs from a more traditional version of this tale. We shared this song in our Sing Up Assembly, with the rest of the school. 


Year Three

Year 3 have been learning about the Romans this term. Our song for this Singup is called "Like a Roman", which has taught us about their traditions and history through relevant vocabulary, witty humour, sign language and a catchy rhythm!


Year Four

Year 4 have been learning about the Saxons and Vikings this term. We have been learning  to sing 'Odin, Mighty World Creator' in our music lessons this term and we shared our singing of this song including a round in our Singup assembly performance. 


Year Five

Year 5 sang Space Jam which has a three-part harmony during the chorus. It required a lot of practise to make sure we got the timings right! It linked with our topic of space as it was describing a futuristic space car and the different characteristics a space car might have.


Year Six

Year 6 have been studying Ancient Greece this term. Our song 'Destruction' is about the Spartan warriors preparing to take on the Trojans in the Battle of Troy. The two classes have split into two platoons and have learnt separate parts for the chorus. 


Please see photos below 

Spirited Arts Gallery 


This wonderful artwork and insightful comments have been inspired by our school taking part in the Spirited Arts Competition. 


Religious Education is not always necessarily about religion. It’s about the people in our local community and people in the worldwide community who we might come into contact as we get older.
This subject gives us the chance to explore and debate our thoughts and beliefs as we all try to make sense of the world around us. Something that this project has really helped our children understand. 



Sponsored Event - amazing results!


Hi everyone at Brook Field school!

A huge thank you for the fundraising last year! Here are the children wearing the uniforms you bought with the money you raised. They are so happy, as if you have no uniform you are not able to go to school! That is why there is a big smile on their faces, best wishes and a big thank you from us all in Gunjur in the Gambia!

The Giant who ate Trees, by Talia Maddison


Key Stage 1 thoroughly enjoyed a very interactive assembly led by Talia Maddison, author of The Giant Who Ate Trees. This book, full of rhyme and fun, is aimed to inspire everyone to eat their fruit and vegetables. Some brave children, who took part and led the actions of the rap that accompanies the book, were very grateful to receive a copy of the book from Talia. We are so inspired by her visit, I am sure that more children will be eating vegetables as a result!

Use the QR Code to enter the exciting and interactive world of The Giant and his friends. See what happens when you tap the 'full tummy' button! Alternatively, visit for inspiration, recipes and tips.

Congratulations to our brilliant Year 5 Debating Team who won the Blue Kite Competition!

To the Sound of Trumpets

A whole school choral celebration of the Coronation

On Friday 4th November, we had an assembly about Fire Safety from the Fire Service. The children learned how to protect themselves when attending Fireworks Celebrations, by wearing coats, hats, gloves and boots, with trousers over the top to stop sparks falling into the boots. They also learned to put sparklers into a bucket with water or sand in, as they are really hot when they have been used. Finally, they learned how to STOP, DROP and ROLL if the worst happens and a spark lands on their coats and in the event of an emergency, we need to dial 999.

Seven Pieces Spectacular

At Brook Field, our intent is to make Music an exciting and enjoyable learning experience full of awe and wonder. Our curriculum provides the children with modern, vibrant and diverse musical experiences exploring a range of genres and styles of Music to build on the children’s cultural capital. Each Year group had an inspirational musician to explore during our three-day Seven Pieces Spectacular. Pupils were given the opportunity to listen to a piece of music from their focus musician and develop their music skills of listening, appraising, composing and performing through the use of the music elements: duration, timbre, tempo, texture, dynamics, structure and pitch. The school was a hive of musicality as children were given challenging activities to build on their music learning from previous years. Here is a list of the musicians and the song each year group focused on:

Foundation Stage - KSI - Holiday

Year One - Pharrell Williams - Happy

Year Two - Will.I.Am & Justin Bieber - That Power

Year Three - A. R. Rahman - Harmony

Year Four - Emeli Sandé - Read all about it

Year Five - Alicia Keys - New York Empire State of Mind

Year Six - Beyoncé - I was here


Please see individual Year Group pages for photographs of the musicians in action!

Harvest Festival

Thank you to Dr Angela Mak for coming in and running our Harvest Festival Assembly. The generous donations made by our parents will be going to Swindon Food Bank.

Year Group Partner Meets

Our Fabulous French Day - C'est Magnifique!

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