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Welcome to Year Three!

Welcome to our Year 3 classes page!

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Our Termly Value Discussion - Teamwork 


“Teamwork means when you are working together and when you help others do things if they are finding it tricky.” (Lloris)

“Teamwork is when you work together and have fun together.” (Livy)

“Teamwork means when you help others get through the bad things and get through tricky bits too.” (Martha)

“Teamwork means when you work together and you help others when they are struggling in lessons and work together as a team.” (Immy)

“Teamwork is when you try with a partner and you don't give up until you do it.” (Ali)

“Teamwork is when you help another person finish their work and you help them if they are stuck.” (Rhia)

“Teamwork is when you work with one group to succeed in a big challenge.” (Lena)

“Teamwork means to help people in a team.” (Tomasz)

“Teamwork is when you help your friends and you have respect for them and you help them get through their challenges.” (Arthur)

“Teamwork is when you work with a group to achieve a target.” (Rylie)

“Teamwork is when you help people if they are stuck with something.” (Harper)

“Teamwork is when you work together as team and you help others achieve their challenge.” (Isobel)


  • Being kind and respectful to one another

  • Giving suggestions to others 

  • It is a great way to make friends and to learn respect 

  • We show teamwork by working together with friends 

  • To help and encourage each other

  • To work together and help each other 

  • To listen 

  • To use teamwork we also have to use perseverance when working with others

  • To be encouraging when others are finding things tricky 

  • Working together to achieve a goal 

  • It can mean and show friendship 

  • Being thoughtful to others

  • Having fun and being around friends 

  • To listen to other people's opinions

  • Helping others to feel happy and to make you feel happy 

  • Helps us to show the value of patience 

  • Show it in games 

  • Show teamwork when completing our learning by helping and listening to others


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