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The Snow Queen Performance

The children were totally captivated by Quantum Theatre's enchanting performance of the Snow Queen on Tuesday morning. What a lovely way to end a fantastic topic on Hans Christian Andersen! 


"It was magnificent! I really liked the snowy setting," by Anayah.

"It was really good acting and I was singing and dancing to the music," by Molly.

"I liked the staging and the animal masks. My favourite was the pigeon. It felt magical with the talking animals," by Oliver. 

"The talking crows were funny! Crah! I liked the male actor because he made me laugh," by Layla-Mae.

"It was amazing and brilliant! I loved the acting," by Aurora.

"The background and setting was amazing, it was like we were actually there," by Matilda.

"I think it was very creative in a good way. I liked the crows' masks and I liked the pretty great imitations. It felt like we were actually in the theatre," by Jan.


Visiting author Debra Bertulis shared her poetry with the children and gave them tips on writing their own.

Year 4 Poetry Slam : Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

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Seven Pieces music themed activities

Fairytale Day

7 Pieces music activities: we looked at 'Read All About It' by Emile Sande

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