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Year Two

Year Two listed Hans Zimmer’s Earth music, which he composed especially for BBC Trailblazers. The children loved creating maps of the world from a bird’s eye view as well as making decoupage animals linked to various continents. We listened carefully to the music and were soon able to identify certain elements Hans Zimmer used to create this music such as dynamics, texture and duration. He starts with a solo from the French horn. This tune is then repeated throughout the music building up an intricate texture played by various instruments as well as a children’s choir. This music reaches a crescendo with the arrival of drums and cymbals before dying back down. Hans Zimmer then builds the intensity of this music again with the quick playing of the violins that start the next crescendo followed by the finale of the choir and the whole orchestra playing the same tune used at the start of the piece. We decided to take the same notes to create our own version of Hans Zimmer’s Earth song. We used a selection of pitched and unpitched instruments to build our crescendo and finale to create our own whole class composition.

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