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What our children think...


Year 1




What could make lessons and learning even better?




More games on the computer. More reading. Listening to the teacher. More brain breaks. Listen to each other. Treat others how you would like to be treated. More books. More numbers. Listen to golden rules. More writing. To be quiet and listen. To keep trying – we learn from our mistakes and this makes us better. Number lines help in maths. Working hard. Good listening when on the carpet. Persevering with your work.


If you could change anything at Brook Field what would it be?




Fun assemblies. Playtimes to be a bit longer. PE to be more fun and longer lessons, more games.  More sport. More sports equipment. Changing maths. Different colour school.



How do we stay safe at school?


Be quiet in the classroom in case of a fire alarm. Don’t reply to messages on a computer if you don’t know who the message is from. Follow the fire rules. Be safe out on the playground. Do not enter the cloakroom or classroom at break or lunch without a teacher.        If something pops up on the computer put up your hand for an adult. Go out to playground if a fire – emergency exits. Walk inside school. Teachers keep you safe. Listen to teachers. Ask to leave the classroom as teachers need to know where you are. Do not use rude words.



What do you do if you are worried about something?





Tell a teacher. Tell your friends. Tell your Mummy and Daddy.           Try to forget about it and it may disappear in a few days.


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