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Year 6









What could make lessons and learning even better?



Stay at tables.  Friday dress down day.  To have different groups so people can learn harder or more like in English.  Have more Art lessons.  In winter be able to have our coats on during class.  To go in the ICT suite.  To have Maths with games.  To write in pen.  To go upside down on the climbing frame.  To have more T.A’s in Year 6.    To have a sweet if you finish your work early.  Be able to collect more information from books.  Summer – lessons outside.  Have breaks between lessons.  Earn treats if you do good work.  To do games about the subject to help us learn.  More experiences.  To have less input on the task, so if we need help we can put our hands up more.  To make it more fun.  To have more theme weeks.  To have house team clubs.  Have comfy seats.  To have longer lessons.  We can make and bake more things like food from the Ancient Greeks and other topics.  To create our own game in P.E.  To play games in ICT at golden time.  Bigger classrooms for more learning resources.  To be able to have more arts and crafts.  More Maths.  More History.  In computing go on the scratch website to play a more variety in games.  More choices in lessons.  Have a game before each lesson to give our brains a warm up.  Do more Science experiments, so they are more encouraged to learn?  Sit in rows at the tables.  Get more help.  Sit in carpet spaces.  Start English by reading.  Shorter lesson times but with more things.  Make the classroom more democratic by voting on areas of lessons.  More reading. Wake and shake before every lesson.  A mini break during lessons.  Have a toilet break and drink at a certain time.  With the older children, there should be punishments if you don’t concentrate.  Arabic tables. 







If you could change anything at Brook Field what would it be?



To have more school trips.  In the playground to have a bubble machine and a snow machine.  To try more food in different topics.  We can have more playtime.  We don’t wear school uniform. To have more House captain assemblies.  Rugby Club.  Snowball fights.    Have four days at school and three days off.  To have more peer swaps with Year 4.  Have more books.  Vending machines and the school will make money from it, like the tuck shop.  Make it more like Secondary school and go on your phone and have a 5-minute break after every lesson.  Have biscuits and juice at Golden time.  Have a Friday afternoon off.  To have more visitors.  Pick a House point house and dress up like you’re in it.  To go in the Woodland walk more.  To do bake sales every month.  Have swimming in every year.  Not to sit on the carpet.  To have more choice in lessons.  To have more Art and PE.  In the summer at breaktimes have lollies.  Have more netball tournaments.  More golden time.  Have a doughnut for snack.  Have a party.  To have lockers for

Year 6.  Have better toilets.  A bit of a longer time to eat our lunch.  To have golf buggy’s that take you anywhere.  Trampoline clubs.  Have longer English lessons.  To work on a sofa.  To have a shop.  Harry Potter day.  More non-school uniform days.  Bouncy castle.  Have desks instead of tables.  To have a healthy breaktime machine that you can buy snacks from at breaktime.  Gaming Day.  More groups to make things interesting.  The lessons.  Improve the sensory garden.  More time to relax.  More ICT.  Have a quick learning game before each lesson.  Be allowed to stay inside on winter breaktimes.  Netball hoop, but not a normal one, one that has 3 exits.  Do more silent reading.  I would change the fact that even though we are Year 6 and get freedom, we should get even more.  In golden time, we should be able to be inside and out.  Make Lemonade.  We should move people that show bad behaviour.





How do we stay safe at school?



Follow the rules.  Wear appropriate clothes.  Don’t throw stationary, or cutlery at the dinner hall.  Don’t block the fire exit.  Tuck the chairs in.  Listen to teachers’ instructions.  Not having food or drinks in ICT.  Don’t talk to random people in woods or gates.  Don’t get into fights.  Inform a teacher.  Keep within safe distance.  Don’t litter.  Have a teacher you can trust.  Dinner Ladies help us.  To be able to move sports day to spring.  Help people when they fall over.  Don’t leave books on the floor.  When there is a fire alarm, we go outside.  Don’t play with sharp objects.  Being kind on the playground.  Don’t be too noisy.  Keep the classrooms tidy.  Have a person we can go to anytime, if we don’t feel safe.  Make sure the fire bell works.  Don’t go on unknown websites on the computer.  Have an Ice bottle for sports day.  Playtime buddies.  Don’t bring unsafe objects into school.  Stay aware of your surroundings.  Use your mind.  Look out for each other.  You don’t have to go outside.  Stay with other people and teachers.  Do the right thing.  Be happy.  Stay within the green fences and red gates.  Do not enter the carpark unless a teacher or parent has allowed you. e.g. after/before school.  Have fun.  If you are late for school, after the register has been taken, sign in at the screen in the office, so a teacher knows you are at school.  Be kind.  Don’t go anywhere dangerous.  Obey the rules.  Don’t do anything bad to anything or one.  Tell Mr Clarke.  Tell teachers if something looks wrong.  Be knowledgeable.  Forget about your worries.  If someone is bullying you, tell a teacher.  Listen to the fire alarm.  Watch to see if everyone is behaving.  Always have supervising adults.  Use the red scissors.  Stop, think, stay safe.  If something isn’t right Inform someone.





What do you do if you are worried about something?





Tell an adult.  Walk away from them.  Play games.  Handshake.  Buddy bus station.  Apologise to each other.  Calm down.  Stay in groups.  Ignore them until it gets serious.  Breaktime buddies.  Game of the week.  Tell a friend.  Walk off and calm down.  Sort it out together without an adult.  Tell a teacher, Mr Clarke or your parents.  Run away.  Tell your friends.  Tell a playtime buddy.  Tell a teacher or an adult.  Keep it to yourself or tell your parents. Talk.  Find someone else to play with.  Get your mind of it.  Sit in peace.  If it can be sorted, try and sort it out.  Don’t hold your worries in.

Read a book.  Think about something else.  Specially trained people to talk to.



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