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Year 5






What could make lessons and learning even better?



A special table that you sit at if you need help.  At the end of the lesson speak about it.  Having fruit before a test.  Help others if they need help.  Having a slightly longer school day.  More rewards for good work – Mini chocolate coins/small treats.  I like them as they are.  Make a sentence and swap with a friend and edit it.  Have music on.  If tidy get a house point.  Have shiny, scented and fluffy stickers.  Be quieter.  Do more grammar.  Teacher helps tables on each day.  Doing tests more often.  Have more teachers help you.  If nobody was making distractions and if they were doing it then they get sent out of class.  Put in more effort 100%.  Have more videos.  Have fun lessons.  Practicing times table after school at home.  Make our own topic.  More time in the ICT suite.  Be more active.  Colour coding our writing.  Go outside more.  Do more PE.  Different teachers for different classes.  Wearing slippers.  Chemistry.  Every 2-5 minutes you have a break.  More practise sheets.  To be able to talk to your friends to get ideas.  To be able to wear nicer shoes and clothes.  Technology.  More Maths.  More Science.  Have music on.




If you could change anything at Brook Field what would it be?



Rewards for good work.  Extra play for everyone and work.  If you arrive to school early you get a croissant, apple/orange juice. More afterschool clubs like pond team. One group gets picked every week for games. Bring your favourite thing into school for the whole day. Design your own name tag in ICT.  Add a pond. Make lessons more fun. When your parents are late, you get to play a game. Bring a pet to school. Do Art every day. Add a pool. Like a Christmas party can we have an Easter or other party.  At the end of term, the whole school has a big party to celebrate our steps to success.  Have more Science.  No uniform.  Finish at 3o’clock.  Class pets and maybe a fish.  Have longer playtime.  Give children paintball guns.  More History.  More time on equipment.  No wake and shake.  Start a videogame club.  Make more days of school.  More P.E.  More outdoors.  To watch appropriate video or YouTube.  More wake and shake.  Have more time with the younger kids.  More ICT.  Have a 5-minute break between lessons.  8 weeks summer holidays.  Have Maths days.




How do we stay safe at school?


Stay in safe places.  Don’t climb up the gazebo. Put things away where they belong. Stay where you should. Listen to teachers, teaching assistants and dinner ladies. Follow the fire drill. Don’t stand on tables and chairs. Don’t share details online. Don’t run back into a building during a fire drill. Be with an adult on the trim trail. If you have any problems always tell your teacher/MDSA/ or playtime buddy about it. Never go somewhere you’re not allowed to go without an adult.  If in the ICT suite, ensure an adult knows what websites you are on.  Look after school properties (computers, books etc).  Listen in lessons.  Don’t fight on the playground.  Ask for permission.  No physical bullying or being mean.  Don’t run or jump down the steps.  Don’t mess around while the teachers are somewhere or talking.  Don’t go to the toilet without the teacher knowing because of the fire bell.   Don’t walk in the carpark on your own.  Stay together.  Don’t be alone when walking somewhere dangerous.  Stay with an adult if you have got butterflies in your stomach.  Be careful online and don’t leak personal information.  Think before you act.




What do you do if you are worried about something?



Tell the NSPCC.  Don’t keep it to yourself.  Tell your parents/guardian.  Tell your brother.  Talk to an honest friend.  Tell a teacher, police, adult or any member of staff.  Act happy.  Be strong.  Try not to think about it.  Make sure people that you trust know about it.  If you are not comfortable telling someone, write it down.  If you are upset at playtime then tell the playtime team.  Calm down and breath.  Count to ten.  Walk away from it.  Always tell someone, don’t keep it a secret.  Do something that you are good at.  Discuss with friends/adults.  Tell playtime buddies.  Talk to the person and sort it out.



What do you do when you have finished a task?


Get the teacher to mark it.  Help someone else.  Us a dictionary if you don’t need to know the meaning.  Read a book.  Edit your work.  Ask what to do.  Check your spellings using a dictionary and could try and improve words.  Play a game.  With the person next to you swap books and check each other’s.  Tidy your table.  See if there is anything else to do, some sort of challenge.  Don’t annoy the teacher, she is busy.  Respond to marking – Green pen.  Tidy your drawers.  Try and make your work better.  Water break, Brain rest.  Talk about your work.  Use a thesaurus.  Practice your times tables.  Use a calculator if the teacher said you could.  Play on the iPad.  Check your work.



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