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Year 4







What could make lessons and learning even better?



The tables all in a circle and people listen.  Do more fun games. Good listening.  Use the iPad more.  Go to the ICT suite more.  Don’t talk over people. Make them longer.  Make them a bit more fun.  Listen to everyone so you know what to do.  Make them shorter.  Make them more exciting.  Give less marbles for marble parties.  Give rewards.  Have a variety of activities.  Have a water break.  Have more help from the teachers.  More Art.  Working together.  Have a snack before lessons.  Have a break between lessons.  Geography.  Make sure it’s simpler.  Put some music on to make us calm down.  More Science.  More dictionaries and books.  Have more time in the Sensory garden.  Have more lessons outside.  Scientific books to help knowledge.  More time to do our work.  More golden time.





If you could change anything at Brook Field what would it be?



Better school trips.  Longer golden time because if they are only 30 minutes, they don’t want to miss all of it.  Have a longer time at school.  Some minutes of extra playtime.  Get a PS4 virtual reality.  Longer lessons.  More school trips.  Better lessons.  A picnic area (am).  Less playtime and more class assemblies.  Have a pet monkey.  If we could have more books.  More time to play football.  More times to use the field.  To have a class assembly every term unless 2 topics link together then 2 topics in one assembly.  Longer class assemblies.  More school equipment.  Five minutes extra playtime.  New equipment.  Let parents come in and help.  Make lessons fun.  More kids.  More playtime.  A dirt bike track so if anyone has a dirt bike, they can go on it.  Bring in electronics.  Lunch outside with more tables.  Lockers for year 4 and 6.  Art projects.  More class assemblies.  Extra maths.  Soft chairs.  Vote on what sport you do – Sport or PE.  Password lockers.  More play equipment.  Indoor play.  Make sure our House point winners tell the truth of who’s won.  More electricity.  More singing.  Ice skating.  Dance competitions.  Little buggies to get around.





How do we stay safe at school?


Don’t speak to strangers.  When the fire alarm goes off, go out straight away.  Don’t go wandering off because no one will know where you are.  We look both ways crossing the road.  Never run on the road without looking.  Stay with your friend.  Don’t have your headphones on while your crossing the road.  Don’t talk to strangers.  If you get hurt tell an adult.  If you go outside, make sure there is a grown up with you.  Listen for sounds.  Be careful.  Stay calm.  Listen and do what the teacher tells you to do.  Dress up as a cop.  If anyone says come with me, don’t go.  Stay near your Guardian.  Stay healthy.  Call Childline.  Hide from people who are mean.  Dress up as a teacher.  Do not argue with a teacher.  Walk with friends or family.  Walk with mum and dad.  Make sure no-one is hacking the internet.  Listen to the dinner lady.  Stop, look and listen.  Tuck your chairs in.  Have more security cameras.  Don’t push or shove in the line.  Be quiet in the dinner hall.   Don’t annoy others.  Cross the road when green light shows.  No fighting.  Ask permission.  Don’t run down the stairs.






What do you do if you are worried about something?



Speak out and stay calm.  Play a different game.  Ask for advice.  Go to the toilet whenever you want.  Tell someone.  Don’t keep it to yourself.  Tell the buddies at playtime.  Go away.  Don’t keep it to yourself so you don’t feel like you have a weight on your shoulders.  Keep to yourself.  Tell someone responsible.  Ignore them.  Talk to an adult.  Tell a grown up.  Take a deep breath.  Stay away.  Call Childline. Speak to an adult.  Stay safe.  Tell an MDSA.  Tell the Head teacher.  Tell a teacher and ignore the person.  Tell your brother.  Tell someone trustworthy.  Play with somebody else.  If you don’t understand something, tell the teacher/MDSA.  Ask the friendship buddies or teachers.  Have a shower.  Tell your family.  Be brave.  Sit at the buddy bus stop.  Do something else and you will forget about it.

What do you do when you have finished a task?

Ask to read a book.  Check through for capital letters and full stops.  Green pen.  Make sure your happy.  Read it again.  Give it to a teacher to mark.  Show the teacher.  Ask if you need to edit anything.  Be prepared for the next lesson.  Set yourself some work to do.  Give your friends some work to do.  Practice spellings.  You ask what to do next.  Put your book away.  Wait until the teacher tells you to do another task.  Check your work.  Sit quietly.  Have a break in-between every lesson.


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