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Year 3 Mr Stowe




What could make lessons and learning even better?



More English and Maths.  More playtime.  More PE.  Listen to your teacher.  We should be silent all the time.  More Golden time.  Concentrate when doing work.  Being quiet when your teacher is talking.  Reading more often.  Learn more topics. working on our own, dictionary.  Music.  More learning time.



If you could change anything at Brook Field what would it be?



I would change the field into a dirt bike track.  The trim trail.  Slide and Swing.  Nintendo Switch and Mario Kart 8 Rules.  Trampoline park in school.  The football.  Classes and Learning.  One topic each week.  More Storytime.  Swimming pool.  Arcade.  Longer lunchtime.  Golden time all day.  Hockey Team.  Play football every day.




How do we stay safe at school?


Don’t walk backwards.  On the Playground.  In the Willow walk.  In the pond area.  Don’t close your eyes when walking.  Always concentrate.  Stay with staff.  Always listen to teachers.  Tidy so that no one falls over.  Tell the teacher.  Tell someone if you’re injured.  Tell a teacher before going on the internet.  Always concentrate where your class goes, because you could get lost.  Do what you are told.  Be careful and don’t hurt yourself.  Don’t talk to strangers on line.



What do you do if you are worried about something?



Ask a teacher when you are worried.  Tell a friend that you are worried and ask if you can play with them.  Tell your brother or sister.  Tell a dinner lady.  Tell Mr Clarke.  Tell Staff.  Tell your friends.  Tell Miss Taylor.  Tell your friends mum.  Tell people around your family.  Tell Mr Stowe.  Count from 1 – 10.  Visit the buddy bus stop. 



What do you do when you have finished a task?

Read your work.  Add more information.  Do spelling.  Sit on the carpet quietly.  Check your work.  Make a nice pile of books.  Help someone else.  Read a book silently and quietly.  Sit on your chair and wait, see if you have missed anything else.  Put your book, pencils, rules away.  Tidy your table.  Tidy your classroom.  Put you book in the middle of the table.



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