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Year 2





What could make lessons and learning even better?



Make PE a bit harder.  Make lessons a bit harder.  Make things a bit more fun.  Make learning a little longer.  More playtime.  Doing a handstand with a grown up in PE.  Make English longer. Make Maths shorter.  More PE.  More times tables.  More spelling.  More Maths.  Get division sheets to help people.  Make playtime after every lesson.  Make PE. longer.  More time in Golden time.  More time in PSHE.  More painting.  More games.  Choose what you do.  Going to the woodland walk more.  More hard work.  More lessons.  Make a book of learning.  More practice.  If someone doesn’t know something.  Be quiet.  More Maths equipment.  Try your best.  Help each other.  More trips.  More Art.  More help from teachers.  More RE.




If you could change anything at Brook Field what would it be?



More Maths.  Make cakes for a teacher’s birthday and sing Happy Birthday.  More topics.  Making stories at Golden time.  More cutting and sticking activities.  Have more fun.  More playtime.  A brain break.  More time in class doing Science.  More ICT.  Longer playtimes.  More footballs.  Longer every day.  At the end of everyday before home time let the teacher read a story.  Make lessons shorter.  More models on the window.  Adventures.  Give the children 3 minutes of Maths.  Create stuff in the woodland walk.  Equipment at playtime.  More playtime.  Healthy snacks every day.  More writing.  Chocolate.  Go outside at Golden time.  Vote on topics.  More trips.




How do we stay safe at school?


Don’t talk to a stranger.  Don’t run in the classroom.  Don’t run out of school to find your mummy.  Tuck your chair in.  Do what the teacher says.  Find a grown up and stay with them.  At Golden time put games away.  Don’t run off.  Listen to what people at school say and what to do online.  Don’t talk to strangers online.  On a slippery day don’t run.  Work upstairs.  Not playing on a computer online.  Go slow when you are climbing on the ropes.  Don’t talk to strangers.  Stay away from some areas you are not meant to go.  No fighting.  Be careful at school.  ICT – be care on the computer.  No pushing.  Be careful with scissors.  Tell the teacher when you go to the toilet because the fire alarm can go off.  If you can see fire, stop, drop and tell.  Stay with the teacher.



What do you do if you are worried about something?



Talk to my mum or dad.  Tell a teacher.  Say it is ok.  All stay by a teacher.  Ask a friend to help.  Tell a family member.  Go inside and read a book, all have some peace time.  Think about something happy and it might go away.  Be quiet for 20, 10, 5 seconds.  Tell a grown up.  Count to 10 or 20.  Tell a friend.  Write something happy.  Go to your best friend.  Stay and think about it.  If it is in the toilet, tell a friend in the toilets with you.  Run outside.  Tell a grown up.  Be honest, tell a parent.  Be brave.  Tell a T.A.



What do you do when you have finished a task?

Read a book.  Go to the toilet.  Play games.  Do some colouring.  Look at the board.  Golden time.  Check your work again.  Do more work.  Sit on the carpet.  Do some drawing.  Have a drink.  Show it to the teacher.  Two-minute brain break.  Clean up your space.  My spellings.  Be helpful.  Sit down on the carpet.  Read it out.  Check it.  Look at the number line.  Put your hand up.  Wait for them.  Listen to the teacher.  Draw.  Practice letters.  Play with the toys.


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