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Terms 3 & 4 : The Ancient Greeks

Welcome back to a new and very exciting start of term where we are looking forward to stepping back in time, visiting our new topic of the Ancient Greeks! We hope you have all had a lovely, relaxing Christmas break and are ready for all the exciting activities planned this term.

Our topic of the Ancient Greeks will be steeped in history and discovery where we will cover a number of interesting and interactive cross-curricular links. For a more detailed overview of the aspects of the curriculum we intend to cover, please see the topic web.

Much of our English work will be based around reading and exploring several Greek myths, leading towards writing our very own Greek-style stories. This will be a fantastic opportunity for the children to use their imagination and creativity to produce some wonderful writing with lots of figurative language and varied sentence structure. Later on in the term, we will move onto more formal writing where we will be using a journalistic approach to report the story of the Battle of Troy.

In ICT, we will be using the programming software Scratch to create our very own Ancient Greek game.

We will look at some of the famous philosophers of Ancient Greek times including Aristotle, Socrates and Pythagoras to inspire us in our mathematical thinking in maths! We will be covering a variety of units, building on our understanding of number and place value through ratio & proportion, fractions, decimals & percentages, measurement, geometry (properties of shape) and algebra. The homework given will always reflect what is currently being taught in the classroom.

In Art, we will be looking at pattern and form, producing a final product of a clay Greek pot. DT will include the designing, making and evaluation of a slipper based on a Greek God of the children’s choosing.

After our February break, our topic will be “People who Changed the World” – looking at significant individuals who have shaped our society today. In science, we will study Charles Darwin’s ‘Theory of Evolution’, Mary Anning’s interest in fossils and how these ground-breaking discoveries have helped us understand evolution and inheritance.

We will also look at other individuals such as Vincent Van Gogh and Alan Turing.

In English, we will be examining the wonderful works of Shakespeare, exploring and interpreting some of his similes and metaphors used in his play scripts. Our Shakespeare theme also provides us with a number of interesting and interactive cross- curricular links which involve elements of Romeo & Juliet and Macbeth, especially in dance, art and DT. We will be designing and creating a gruesome witches brew which the children evaluate as a finished product and sample! Furthermore, we will use sections of the film ‘West Side Story’ to develop a sequence of motifs and movement in a dance.

Homework will be given out on a Friday afternoon, and is due back in on Wednesday morning. Longer, topic-related project will be set (one per term), however there will still be weekly homework so children will need to manage their time effectively.

It is essential that PE kits, including appropriate footwear and clothing suitable for cold weather, are in school ready for PE on a Monday and Thursday afternoon. The children will be taking part in a sponsored run later on in the term.

Thank you for your continued support, The Year 6 Team

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