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Terms 1 & 2: The Mayans


Welcome back to a new and very exciting start of term. We hope you have all had a relaxing and enjoyable summer holiday and are ready to start the new term with renewed energy and vigour! This term our brand new topic to Year 6 will be The Mayans with a number of interesting and interactive cross-curricular links. For a more detailed overview of the aspects of the curriculum we intend to cover, please see the topic web overleaf. After October half term our topic will change to South and Central America where we will have a particular focus on rainforests.

One of The Mayan’s first discoveries was the founding of cocoa beans; so for this first term we are going to be using the all-time-favourite novel ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ as a stimulus for our literacy and create some delicious descriptive and narrative writing. Our trip to Cadbury World will also inspire the design and creation of the children’s own chocolate product. As part of this project, they will make the packaging for their product in DT where we are sure they will have fun carrying out their market research and evaluating their final products! 

There will be lots of wonderful cross-curricular links to both topics in numeracy. First, we will be looking at the Mayan’s numeric system, the Mayan calendar, astronomy and symmetry as part of our place value, time and geometry work. After, during our Central and South America topic, we will look at climate change, analyse graphs and use the world time zone in our statistic units. 

In term 1 science sessions we will focus on the human body and the functions of the heart. Then, later in term 2, we will move onto interdependence and adaption and the classification of animals and plants. These last topics will fit in fantastically with our ICT and writing, where the children will be researching a rainforest animal of their choice and write about it in a non-chronological report. Geography will be a heavy focus in our second term where the children will explore thought provoking questions with regards to deforestation, Fair Trade and climate change. In Art, we will be looking at texture and collage with references to the artist Henri Rousseau and the children will work collaboratively in creating a beautiful rainforest collage. 

Homework will continue to be given out on a Friday afternoon, and is due back in on Wednesday morning. It is essential that PE kits, including appropriate footwear, remain in school all week long. Where possible we will continue our outdoor PE sessions, so if your child would like to wear tracksuit bottoms and tops, please feel free to include this within their kit.

Thank you for your continued support,

The Year 6 Team


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