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Term 5 : The Three Little Pigs

Term 5 will be very exciting for Year 1. Our Term 5 topic is ‘The Three Little Pigs' with a
science focus on materials. We will be writing our own versions of The Three Little Pigs with
our own individual twists. We will also make Wanted Posters for The Big Bad Wolf, focusing
on using adjectives to accurately describe him. In maths, we will be investigating time and
fractions while further developing our multiplication skills. In Art, we will be exploring
materials and classifying various materials by their properties. We will also undergo an
experiment to determine the strengths of materials. In computing, we will be writing our
versions of The Three Little Pigs on Book Creator. We will also be creating a graph digitally
based on the class’s favourite materials.
Please continue to make sure all snack pots, water bottles, and PE kits are labelled in order
to avoid being placed in lost property.
Thank you for all of your support. If you have any questions, please come visit us in Year 1.
The Year 1 team.
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