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Term 5 : Flower Power and Attractive Magnetism

Welcome back to Term 5! We hope you all had a great Easter, enjoyed your Easter Egg nests, had lots of Easter Eggs and were able to do lots of different and egg-citing things. Term 4 was a very, very busy term, with the children continuing to be excited by our “Revolting Romans and Crafty Celts” topic. We had a fantastic visit to Corinium Museum, made Roman-inspired pizzas with Falvo Artisan Pizzas and shared some of our Performance Poetry and Roman god and goddess information in Mr Stowe’s Class Assembly!

On our first morning back, we start our new term with an opportunity to visit Shaw Church to “eggs- perience” a range of activities to learn more about how and why Easter is celebrated. Then, in RE, we will examine what it means to be a Christian in Britain today.

Our new topic for this term is a total change from our previous topics in Year 3. It is Science-based, and all about Plants and Magnets – “Flower Power and Attractive Magnetism.” We will investigate the different parts of plants and their functions, what plants need to live and grow and the importance of flowers to a plant’s life-cycle. During our work on magnets, we will have the opportunity to explore north and south poles and whether they attract or repel, magnetic/non-magnetic materials and the strength of different types of magnet.

In English, we will be looking at writing letters and non-chronological reports about plants and magnets. In Maths, we will be looking at multiplication and division, fractions and geometry.

In Computing we will be looking at the program ‘Scratch Junior’ to program an animation to show the growth and a development of a plant.

Swimming continues this term. Please ensure that your child’s swimming kit is in school each Monday. Our other PE sessions are on a Friday afternoon, outside on the field, where will be looking at fielding and striking games and then athletics, in preparation for Sports Day and Area Sports. Children really need to have their named kit in every day, particularly towards the end of the term, in case we need to do extra practice for Sports Day. Due to the lovely sunny weather we are going to have (!) please make sure your child brings a hat to school and wears sun cream on these particularly hot days. If the weather is cold, please send your child with suitable warm PE clothing (eg tracksuit) on a Friday for Striking and Fielding games. Please also make the Year 3 staff aware if your child suffers from hay fever. Our day for using the all-weather track during the wake and shake time is Thursday and your child will need to wear trainers/daps to be able to use it. We will be looking to make more use of this during Term 5. Please can your child put their trainers or daps in a named plastic bag, which can be kept in their locker.

Homework is handed out on a Friday and is due back in the following Wednesday. Please make sure your child places their homework in the correct tray and in the correct classroom for Maths!! Spellings will continue to be sent home on a Tuesday in a red spelling book for you to help your child practice, learn and apply their spelling patterns. This needs to be in school for the following Monday for us to test your child

on what they have been learning. As you will be aware, the way we set and test the children changed in Terms 3 and 4. Where appropriate, we set five words focusing on a particular pattern. The children are then tested on these and a further five words, where they have to apply the pattern to another five words either chosen at random or usually based on the children’s spelling investigations/research/dictionary work from the previous week.

We thank you for your continued support! If you’d like to offer any expertise or would like to talk to us at any time, please do. More details on our topic and other activities will be on our topic web below.

The Year 3 team

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