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Term 4 : Electricity

Term 3 was very busy – and we all enjoyed learning about Scandinavia, particularly when we were able to taste a variety of traditional foods and immerse ourselves in the Scandinavian culture.


In the fourth term our topic is all about Electricity, we have responded to children’s suggestions and have planned some exciting upcoming experiments and activities.

In English we will be writing explanation texts and play scripts focussed on our Science theme of Electricity, this will also link to Computing in which we will be creating stop motion animations.

In Maths we will be focussing mainly on fractions including decimals. We will also be spending a few weeks on geometry looking at different quadrilaterals and triangles.

During art lessons ,we will be creating a textural collage and looking at implied and visual texture. We will be working with clay and the natural environment.

The focus on PSHE will be healthy bodies and healthy minds, particularly focussing on peer pressure, healthy friendships and celebrating my inner strength and assertiveness.

In R.E we will be looking at Christianity. We will be encouraged to ask questions raised by the stories and life of Jesus and his followers today and give examples of how Christians are inspired by Jesus.

During this term in PE we will be doing football and gym, with a focus on using the wall apparatus safely and creatively.

A very exciting term ahead, with lots to keep us busy!

More details can be found on our topic web and also on the Year 4 DB primary page, which can be accessed through Brookfield's virtual learning environment. The children will be able to access topic challenges and some useful website links which can further the children's learning and also allow them to have some fun out of the classroom


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