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Term 4 Electricity

ZOP… ZIP… ZAP… Year 4 welcome back! We hope you are ‘fully charged’ for another exciting term, this time exploring and investigating the wonders of ELECTRICITY!


To begin our new topic, we will take on the role of Health & Safety Officers and inspect the most hazardous home in Britain! We will be identifying various appliances which are being used safely in the home and certainly raising our concerns about those that are not! Hopefully when we feedback to the homeowners, they will take more care in future to keep their family safe! This experience day will lead us perfectly into the science behind how and why electrical objects work. We will spend time constructing circuits, experimenting with switches and exploring conductors & insulators. Our main focus in maths will be learning about fractions and decimals, but we will also make reference to positive and negative charges within our science unit too.


Our English will be focussed on journalistic writing with electricity at the heart of the planning. We will use Wallace & Gromit’s animation ‘The Wrong Trousers’ as a stimulus for our writing as we report on the events that happen when Wallace finds himself wearing a pair of techno trousers and is forced to commit a robbery by evil, cunning Feathers McGraw! We will spend time gathering research like real journalists, interviewing and hot seating characters so we can use eye-witness quotes within out writing. This will be the perfect opportunity to develop the children’s speaking and listening skills as there will be plenty of chance for drama within this unit of work.


We are sure the children will be pleased to know that there will be chance for them to create their own Aardman-style animation too in our computing sessions using ZU3D. They will work collaboratively to produce a short form linked to Wallace’s wonderful, eccentric ideas on how to make life easier! Again, these contraptions working, operating and running off…electricity!  


The art will link in brilliantly to our author focus, Ted Hughes, as we read the Science Fiction story of The Iron Man, enjoying the absolutely beautiful illustrations of the gigantic, metal robot by Chris Mould. These images are quite stunning which will inspire us to illustrate our own pages, focusing on visual texture as we experiment with metallic pens, sponging and glitter to capture the texture of metal.


Our PSHE focus will be Healthy Me, understanding how we fit into different friendship groups and learning strategies to help us resist pressures from others.


In PE, we will have the support of the Sports Coach during football on Tuesday afternoons and we will develop our racket skills on Friday through tennis. Please can you make sure your child has a spare plastic bag in their PE kit as we are finding that the children unavoidably are getting their shoes quite muddy because of the time of year.


Thank you for your continued support,


The Year 4 Team

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