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Term 4 : Asia

Dear Parents, 
We welcome your children back to their 4th term in Year 5 with, yet again, lots of exciting activities to start our topic off. Our topic is all about physical geography. We will be studying the continent of Asia and how mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes are formed and the changes that these physical features can have on a landscape. 
Our English will focus on the children writing reports as food critics, after visiting their very own Asian inspired restaurant at Brook Field. Be ready for an invitation really soon! We will be complementing our new topic by exploring folktales with an emphasis on The Magic Paintbrush, a traditional Chinese folktale of greed, generosity and retribution. We will also be studying the famous Willow pattern plate. Following this, we will be looking at performance poetry and creating our own raps. 
Within maths, we will cover fractions, angles and time. When learning about fractions, we will be adding and subtracting, recognising mixed numbers and identifying equivalent fractions. We will also be estimating, drawing and measuring angles and reading and interpreting timetables.   
During PE, we will enjoy a Bollywood dancing experience and invite a company in to share with us some of their fabulous movements which we then hope will inspire our own dance routines. Tennis will form part of our games element of PE.  
Within PSHE we will be looking at healthy living, including the dangers of alcohol and smoking.  Our art will cover pattern and printing, where the children will create their own beautifully inspired Asian prints. 
Trying to keep everything cross curricular, our ICT will focus on the children creating their own wiki pages to inform others about Volcanoes, Mountains and Earthquakes.  Finally, our DT will focus on food technology with the children designing, creating, tasting and evaluating their own Asian inspired dish.  
As always, we thank you for your continued support and if you would like to help out or have any resources or expertise that would benefit the children with their topic, please pop in.
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