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Term 3 : Anglo Saxons

Welcome back lovely year 4s!  
We hope you had a very magical Christmas break and now look forward to starting our New Year with a new topic and new, exciting activities! Our last theme of Scandinavia leads us on nicely to a more history based topic linked to this region. Here’s a clue... they were tall, they were armed with spears, shields & round swords and they absolutely loved fighting... you’ve guessed it, they were the AngloSaxons! Within our sessions, we will explore their invasion of England, their kings, their punishments, their settlements and their general way of life. A hands-on experience day early on in the term will help the children understand the life of Saxon children, with of course lots of art and craft activities planned that day! This will take place on Wednesday 6th January and it would be lovely to see the children coming into school dressed up on this day. Towards the end of our history unit, we will focus more on the blood-thirsty, fearless warriors who raided these Saxons...uh oh...sailing across the sea in their long, narrow come the Vikings! 
Our English genre will involve writing legend stories with characters including brave heroes and monsters or fire-breathing dragons, where we will use the poem Beowulf as a stimulus. 
There will be some great opportunities for cross-curricular links in maths, as we convert money from shillings when we look at Wergild (the price to pay if a Saxon was injured or killed!) Alongside this, our main strands to cover will be measurement and multiplication & division. 
In art, we will look at the Saxon writing system using Runes and we will create our own jewellery using Rune patterns, clay and embellishments. 
Our RE unit links nicely to our history as we look at the beliefs of the Saxons and understand the various gods they worshipped. 
In PE, we will spend time using the apparatus and performing gym sequences linked to our topic. We will also link our outdoor session to Javelin as we perfect our Saxon spear-throwing skills! 
We hope everyone’s prepared for some blood and gore this term! 
Many thanks, The Year 4 Team 
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