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Term 2 : The Vikings

Our second Year 4 Autumn term continues nicely from The Saxons to The Vikings.
In geography and history we will be looking at where the Vikings came from and use atlases to locate places within the United Kingdom where they settled and how they conquered the Saxons. We will also be looking at Alfred the Great, Athelstan, the first King of England, Edward the Confessor, The Battle of Hastings and The Viking Gospels and Lindisfarne.
In art we will be exploring colour and learning brush techniques to help us create elements such as fire and water. This will link well with our English work which focusses on Beowulf and fire breathing!
Music will see us exploring Viking Sagas and exploring the pentatonic scale both with our voices and other instruments. Two of our favourites will be returning – Brave and Literally, great songs to sing along to!
English will focus on a wide range of Poetry including Kennings, Haikus and Cinquains. We will also be looking at formal and informal letter writing and basing our narrative writing on the story of Beowulf as well as continuing our narrative on Beast Quest.
PSHE will focus on Celebrating Differences. In this topic we will explore how we are each unique, how we mustn’t judge by appearances, understanding influences from peers, how to deal with bullying, problem solving and celebrating us as individuals.
In PE we will be starting our unit of Tennis looking at control and technique to further enhance our tennis skills. We will also be doing football, focussing on passing and dribbling, intercepting and shooting, hooking and heading the ball.
French will see us learning about sport, the names of various sports, what makes a healthy sportsperson and keeping a diary of what sporting activities we do. Running shoes on!
Maths will see us learning about addition and subtraction, fractions including decimals, measurement and statistics, with some Christmassy maths happening in the last week.
IN RE we will be focussing on why festivals are important to religious communities and of course celebrating key religious festivals that fall during this term.
So, a really lovely second term in year 4 and we are all really excited to finish our term off with a Saxon / Viking day during the week of December 10th – a celebratory ending to our two topics. This has been carried over from the first term due to the music theme week which popped up!
If you feel you can support us in any way with artefacts we would be really grateful and if you would like to come in and help at all, please let us know as we never turn away extra pairs of hands!
Year 4 team, Kayleigh Falvo, Jenny Gibbs, Claire Calthrop, Lyn Tremblin and Becky Evans.
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