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Term 2 : The Snowman and the Snowdog

Year 2 – Topic blurb for the website
Our topic this term is ‘The Snowman and the Snowdog’ by Raymond Briggs.
This is a lovely topic based on Geography. The children will be finding out about the seven continents and five oceans of the world. We will make simple world maps and investigate the different landscapes and climates of the seven continents. Through their research the children will be recording their findings in the form of a letter to ‘The Snowman’.
The Explorer Dome, on Tuesday 13th November, will give the children the opportunity to experience the sights, smells, sounds and sensations of the different environments around the world. This is an exciting show which the children love.
In English, the children will be writing their own snowflake poems and making 3D snowflakes on which to present their writing. They learn the art of letter writing with a focus on vocabulary and organising their writing into paragraphs. We will also be writing instructions for making snowflake cookies.
In Computing, the children will learn how to programme a floor robot to negotiate around a map of the world. They will be recording simple algorithms for navigation based on simple problem solving tasks. For further details of our topic, please see the topic web.
Mrs Batcup & Mrs Hughes’ class Assembly is on Friday 14th December at 9.15am. We also have the Christmas performances coming up this term. Please look out for further details, as letters will be coming home shortly.
Thank you so much for supporting your children with their Spelling homework. The time and dedication to your child’s learning is amazing.
We have also enjoyed seeing the children’s bugs from our DB Primary homework. They are gorgeous. We hope you enjoyed making them with your child. Our new DB Primary challenge is now online and is based on research.
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