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Term 1 Ben's Magic Telescope

Welcome to Year 2. We hope you have had a wonderful summer holiday. Thank you to all those who completed the Summer Challenge work and uploaded photos of their minibeast creations. You did a fabulous job!

Your Year 2 team are; Mrs Bickell, Mrs Batcup, Mrs Hughes, Mrs Tremblin and Mrs Vincent.


Our topic this term, is based on the book ‘Ben’s Magic Telescope’ by Brian Patten. This is a wonderful book based on looking closely at the environment that we live in, through the use of a telescope. The children will be making their own telescopes and using them throughout the term to explore the school environment. This will link to our Science work which is based on finding living things in their habitats. We will be taking our telescopes outside to look carefully at where creatures and plants are found in the school grounds. Using our eyes, we will be studying how animals are suited to their environments and how they are part of the ‘food chain’. Using non-fiction books, the children will then find out facts about the different creatures, they found, to create their own Information texts about minibeasts. Beware; the gory bits will be included!

In Art, the children will look at the work of ‘Goldsworthy’ who created sculptures using natural resources found in the environment. This will link to our trip to Lydiard, where the children will be designing and creating their own natural sculptures in the style of Goldsworthy.

Please see the topic web for further details about the topic.

For your information, both classes will have P.E. on a Monday and Tuesday morning. Your child should come into school, dressed in their P.E. kit on these days and remain in them for the duration of the school day, as this will ensure that items of clothing are not muddled, which will keep the children safe. With this in mind, your child may wear leggings or tracksuit bottoms, their house colour P.E. t-shirt, a red jumper/cardigan/hoodie and trainers.


As part of Year 2 homework, it is vital that your child reads regularly. Many of you have been working hard on practising reading, during the lockdown, which is amazing. With this in mind, our priority is to assess your child’s reading, which we will endeavour to do over the oncoming weeks. Unfortunately, this does take time and ask for your patience whilst we complete this.

As part of EMT time, any reading books your child returns, must be put in the Returned Reading Book box, in the classroom. They may then choose another book to take home from the shelves outside of the unit. Please remind your child to change their books during this time. Part of their Year 2 responsibilities, is to remember to change their reading book.

We would encourage you to read with your child on a daily basis and record this in the Reading Record book along with any comments or questions you may have about your child’s reading. In the front of the book, there are helpful hints and guidance on questions you can ask your child, while reading with them. Please take the time to read and use just one or two of the questions each time your child reads with you. Please feel free to award your child with the relevant stickers, as and when your child reaches them. Reading Record books need to be in your child’s tray every day so that we may add to it when reading with your child.


English and Maths homework is completed on a regular basis and more details will be posted on DB Primary soon.

If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to see a member of the Year 2 team.

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