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This week, we will be completing some of our work from science week. This is a chance for you to think about the wonderful experiments we completed in class and add the finishing touches to any parts you did not manage to complete.


If you are one of the wonderful hard workers that completed all parts of your booklet, you can try creating your own solution at home. With parental supervision, see what interesting solutions you can make at home. Investigate which of these is a solution and explain to an adult how you know...


- Is squash a solution? Prove it!

- Tea with 2 sugars? Prove it!

- A fruit smoothie? Prove it!

- Milkshake? Prove it!

- Thousand Island Dressing (Mix of ketchup and mayonnaise)? Prove it!

- Water colour/ Poster paint? Prove it!

- Bubble bath in your bathwater? Prove it!

- Boiled rice? Prove it!

- Glitter glue to make slime? Prove it!

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