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Last term, we used our teamwork skills in order to create gymnastic routines, using the apparatus to display group balances. We also spent time choreographing dance routines inspired by Victorian trapeze artists ready for Barnum and Bailey's Greatest Show!


Your challenge this week is to plan a teamwork challenge for our groups to complete. 


Choose some apparatus (or household objects) that you could use to set up an interesting course somewhere at home. Next, decide what movements children have to complete at each station.


They could have to complete a set of dance moves inside a hoop.


They might have to show off their best two point balance on a non-slip mat.


Perhaps they might have to slide through a tunnel or even complete a balance on a climbing frame! Be imaginative and use your own space to create something unique.


Of course, you need to attempt the course yourself... We can't wait to see photos and videos on D B Primary.

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