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Nationwide help us out - again!

We are once again extremely grateful to a group of Nationwide employees who gave up their Saturday to come and prepare our grounds for the summer.



They tackled the huge job of clearing the path through the woodland walk so that children can walk or run along it without worrying about nettles or tree branches getting in their way.


They also tidied the pond area which had become quite overgrown since it was last cleared on landscaping day in October, and ensured the outdoor classroom was free from nettles with the seating arranged ready for use.



Finally they put some fresh bark on the floor of the willow whale where the children will play when the warmer weather enables them to play on the field.



Our thanks go to the whole team, especially Mr Knee who arranged the day and led from the front – arriving first and leaving last. We look forward to the weather improving so that the children can enjoy the grounds to their full extent, both during lesson time and at play time.

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