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This term our topic is the Ancient Greeks, so we will be looking at Greek myths - special, famous stories passed down from the Greeks.

The first myth we will be looking at is Pandora's Box.



We will be discussing this myth as a class. 

In school we will be making our own Pandora's boxes out of gold card and sequins and filling them with representations of all the evils in our lives but also something that gives us hope!

You could try doing this at home, or you could put your artistic skills to the test and try drawing a Pandora's box: think about the perspective and how you are going to draw the box to make it look 3 dimensional, and what texture you are going to make the "evil" look: smoky and whispy?

There are some pictures to inspire you on these slides: 

We will be discussing the idea of locking things away in our PSHE lesson.

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