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Tuesday - Practise your 3 times tables. Come up with a song to help you remember your 3 times table. Extra Challenge: Try and learn your 3 times table out of order. 


Wednesday - Go onto Mathletics and complete 2 multiplication activities of your choice. 


Thursday - Complete the attached sheet for the 3 times table. 


Friday - Go onto the school website and click on the following tabs: 'Our school', 'The 99 Club' and find the relevant club badge for you to practise. See if you can do this club badge more than once and see if you can beat your score or time! :) (If you are on the 11, 22 or 33 club badge you get one minute and if you are on the 66, 77 or above then you get 1 minute and 30 seconds!) 


You will need to complete the club sheet in school to achieve your badge. 

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