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Have a go at the suggested activities below. There are some videos to use with the sessions at the bottom of the page. Then have a go at one of the minibeast activity sheets each day. 



Revising one less than a given number. Children to be given a number between 0-10 and can they write that number as then one less than this. Extend this with number up to 20. 




Counting in 2's- Practice counting in 2's from 0-20. 




Education City- Subject- Maths- F2-One More One Less.




Writing numerals to 20. Children to practice 0-20. 




1 less with teen numbers.



Number Formation Rhymes

Number Line

I Can Say My Number Pairs 10 | Math Song for Kids | Number Bonds | Jack Hartmann

Number pairs for 10. This number pairs song engages students to demonstrate the number bonds for 10 with their fingers for active engagement.

Sing along Shapes Song - with lyrics (featuring Debbie Doo)

Shapes are Everywhere! Learn shapes while you sing along to this kids song (with lyrics). Can you spot the different shapes in everyday objects?

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