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Ask  your child to have a look at 2D shapes (circle, square, triangle, rectangle) and see if they can begin to describe the features of a shape so you can guess which shape they are talking about. (eg. It has 3 points and three sides...... )



We would like you to look at measuring some items such as socks, jumpers, trousers, carrots, cucumbers etc. Ask your child to use blocks and see how many they need to measure the length of an item. If you have a ruler available then they can use this to measure items accurately.



Subtraction. First of all create a number large line to 10 (or 20 and beyond if your child is able to manage bigger numbers). You could make it out of pieces of paper, or write on the back of an old roll of wallpaper, or go outside and write numerals with chalk.  Once you have a number line written, you could ask your child to stand on a particular number and then jump back down the numbers as instructed - for example 'take 3 jumps back - what number have you ended up on?' Try lots of different variations of moving back down the number line to show subtraction. You could extend this by asking your child to write down the subtraction number sentence they have made in steps.



Ask your child to get one of their cuddly toys and then ask them to hold them in different positions: behind, over, in front of, between, under, above. 



Have a selection of clean pants available (10 or more) and explain to your child that Superheroes often where pants on the outside of their costumes. Ask your child to see how many pairs of pants they can put on top of each other in 1 minute (use a timer on your phone). Now ask them to estimate how many pairs they could put on in 2 minutes and follow up by trying and then seeing how close they were to the estimate.  



Shapes Song 2

A shapes song for children.

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Number Formation Rhymes

Number formation rhymes for 0 to 10

Subtraction Song for kids | Subtraction Facts | Subtraction Action | Jack Hartmann

This fun subtraction sentences song will engage students with movement as they actively participate in solving the subtraction sentence

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