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Below are activities to support your child's Literacy skills. 

Each day begin by recapping phase 2 and 3 phonemes and tricky words.

You could use a timer to see how many they can read each day in 1 minute. 

Remember to use your tricky word sheets and sound mats to help you and write words that are phonetically plausible. 




Revise how to spell the tricky words, refer to the names of the letters: 

Phase 3  my, her, he, she, we, me, be, you, they

Phase 4 little, some, come, was, when, what, are, were.


Watch the video, then write a sentence about a butterfly. You could also draw a butterfly and label it. 




Watch the alphabet song then see if they can order the letters of the alphabet. You could hide them around the house and see if they can find them in order. Can you think of a different minibeast for as many letters of the alphabet as you can?


Write a sentence about a dragonfly. You could write a description of them or write about where they live 



On 'Phonics Play' select phase 3 resources, play 'Obb and Bob' with sounds the children are struggling to spot in words. Can they sort the words into real and fake?


Write a sentence about a bumblebee. Why are they so important? Can you find out?




Write some facts about ladybirds. You could draw pictures and label them instead if you find sentence writing tricky. 




How many minibeast can you spot in your garden or in your story books? Can you make a list of all the minibeast you find and write a sentence about your favourite. 


Activity- Match the minibeast pictures to the sentences below. Select either the sentences with sound buttons or without depending on your child's needs.  







Handwriting- Please have a go with your child writing the letters they find tricky. Either use the sheets in the PDF below, and select the ones you need or you could do this on paper, whiteboard, in flour, lentils, rice etc. 


We need to try and write these letters on the line with the descending parts of the letters below the line.

Handwriting Sheets

Jolly Phonics Songs

Alphabet Phonics Song

Alphabet Phonics song with letter names and sounds. Every letter has a name and sound.

Tricky Words Phases 2+3

Tricky Words and Sight Words Song

A song to help learn tricky words.

Phase 4 Tricky Words Song Sight Words Song for said, have, like, come, some, what, when

Mad About Minibeasts! Children's read-aloud (audiobook), with illustrations.

The sun is in the sky and it's a lovely summer's day. The minibeasts have seen you and they want to come and play!

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