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Phonics actions and songs set 4 | Letters e u r ck

4th four letter set; e u r ck. Learn the song and action for each of the phonics sounds. Based on the Jolly Phonics Program.



Monday - Thursday


Each day introduce a new sound.  Show the Action from the Jolly Phonics pdf and help your child recognise the letter from the individual Monster Phonics Power Points. ck, e, u, r.  


Each day, ask you child to find things around the house and garden that begin with the sound you are introducing eg. 'ck' = clock, 'e' = egg, 'u' = umbrella, 'r' = radio. 




Practise all the 4 sounds from this week and see if your child can recognise them if you write them on small pieces of paper (flashcards) in random order. Make words using 3 of the sounds we have learnt so far eg. sat, mat, pat, pin, got, cat, dad, mum, run. Can they say each sound aloud, then blend them together to say the word? 

The Little Red Hen | Fairy Tale for Kids

What sounds can you hear? Can you say the sounds at the beginning of each animal eg. 'c' for cat. Can you hear any other sounds? You could sound out some of the words eg. c-a-t, p-i-g, r-e-d, h-e-n.

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