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We are looking at our Topic of Superheroes and would like you to think about people who might need the help of a Superhero. Maybe they have got a problem that a Superhero can solve. Perhaps their house is on fire? They could then write a Speech Bubble to a Superhero saying 'Help! My house is on fire!' using their phonics sounds to write the words - it might look like this 'Help! My howse is on fighr!' You could use the document of the speech bubble below.  You can also look at the Mission Cards for ideas of problems that Superheroes can help you with. You can draw a picture of your problem and maybe show the Superhero helping by using their special powers. You can use the Sound Mat to help you with your Phonics sounds.

Super Hero Mission cards

Monster Phonics Flashcards- Phase 2


Look at the Tricky Words in the videos. Try to write the Phase 2 tricky words, I, no, go, the, into and a.



Play a game on Phonics play (your log in is in your Reading Record book) such as Picnic on Pluto to help with blending sounds.



Look at the tricky word 'there' and help your child to put this word into a sentence. Ask the child if they can try to write the sentence using their phonics sounds. 



Have a look at the Phonics digraphs we have been learning and practise recognising these sounds. You can see all the digraphs on the Phonics Sound Mat document above. 



Have a look at a reading book together, and see if you can spot tricky words in the text. Maybe the child could stand up when they hear a particular tricky word as you read out loud to them.

Phase 3 Tricky Words Song Say Hello To

The Tricky Words Rap - A Phase 2 Phonics Song

Everybody on the count of four, get learning tricky words with a dinosaur! Join in with our new tricky words rap and learn some of those tricky words that you can't sound out

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