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Antarctica penguin hunt

Thank you to Sidra for coming into Foundation Stage and explaining how some Muslims welcome a baby. It was lovely to hear how the aqiqah is performed and listening to the shahadah, the statement of Muslim faith, being whispered into the new born baby’s ear. The children enjoyed thinking of names for a new baby. What an honour it must be for the person chosen to place a little bit of honey or date on the baby’s lips. We very much enjoyed the tasty brownies that Sidra brought in for us all to experience having something sweet to eat.

Bulb planting

Reverend Angela Mak visited our Year group and talked to us about the way Christians welcome a new baby to the Church through Baptism. She showed us special symbols and objects and talked us through the words that are said and what some of the words mean. Some children chose to make the special symbol for Christians using lollypop sticks whilst others used playdough. Some chose to colour in a picture of a family at a Baptism and some chose to roleplay a baptism using the babies in the water tray. Thank you to Angela for spending time with our Foundation Stage children.

Thank you to Mrs Karavadi who came in to share how the Hindu festival Raksha Badhan is celebrated. The children enjoyed making their own bracelets to give to sisters, brothers and friends. Some chose to colour in Raksha Bandhan cards and others used play dough to make the aum symbol.

Foundation Stage enjoyed looking at the artwork displayed in the covered walkway. The children picked out their favourite piece of artwork as we wandered along the art trail.

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