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Foundation Stage

We began by listening to 4 of the pieces and getting feedback from the children on each one. We then asked the children to choose their favourite from the selection, and the voting was really close, The Storm by Britten won by 1 vote! (Firebird was second).


We then had many sessions listening to the Storm and asking the children to describe what the music made them think of.  We noticed that the music seemed to have distinct sections, so we then got the children to interpret these individual sections - Wild Storm, Calm, Building Up etc.


We used art, with lots of different art media, the children used iPads to record each other playing musical instruments, we used body percussion to interpret a 'marching' section that the children had noticed, streamers to represent the sea, and the parachute for interpreting the movement of the storm.


We then filmed a video to include as many of these elements as possible, with the soundtrack in the background.


The children thoroughly enjoyed the project and we felt that they had a renewed interest in listening to music.

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