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Tuesday 5th January 2021 -

Read a chapter of a story. Write down words that you don't know the meaning of and look in a dictionary to find the definitions. (If you use an online dictionary, please check with an adult first or is one that you could use.)

Remember to record what you have read in your Reading Records, please!


The work below will be added to DB Primary from Wednesday with more detail and explanation included but you can think about these activities on Tuesday, if you want extra things to do. They will be changed and there will be extra challenges if you do do any of these on Tuesday.


Wednesday 6th January - Practise 10 of the year 3 spelling words which are attached below. You could either choose words with which you are less familiar or start at the beginning and work your way through over the next few weeks on top of the Spelling Curriculum that we set. 


Thursday 7th January - This term, in English, we begin by looking at Instruction Writing. For your task today, what features do you need to remember to include when writing instructions? You may have done some work on Instructions in Year 2 that could help you with this.


Friday 8th January - Practise your handwriting. Remember to join your letters! You could choose to practise the 10 year 3 spelling words you chose on Wednesday or the words you found from your book on Tuesday. 

Year 3 Spelling Word List

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