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In school we will be focusing on descriptive writing throughout this term, so your cold task is to show off how fantastic your descriptive writing is by writing a short paragraph describing what happens after Pandora opened the lid to the box and let out all evil.

Think about how we write in school - first we gather ideas of what it might look like and usually we brainstorm this vocabulary together.

Then start to draft your first sentence, making sure to read it aloud. Your task is to continue the sentences given to you.

Use our teaching slides to help you. 

The second myth we are going to look at in English is the myth of King Midas.

Read the myth below then complete the activities on the slides.


Your task for today is to summarise the myth by turning it into a comic strip!  

There is an example below and then a template for you to make your own . This is both an English and artistic task, so prioritise the writing before you draw pictures. Remember a summary should be short and should include all the key points in the story.

King Midas is a name so you MUST use capital letters.


Most of the main themes of Greek myths are Good Vs Evil or Light vs Dark

Friday's English lesson is to think about the evils of the world and their positives and to write a poem comparing them. This poem is written in a specific style, based on a poem by Tony Mitton.

All the guidance for you is on the slides with lots of examples to get you started. 

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