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Good Morning!

As part of our Mayan topic, we will be learning about the Hero Twins.

Read the story of the twins and answer the comprehension questions.

Tuesday and Wednesday

Over these two days we will be completing our first cold write which is a description of the Jaguar house: one of the challenges set for the Hero twins by the evil Lords of Death.

First start by gathering some language you would use to describe the house, the jaguar and the Lords of death. We did this on a planning sheet which is attached below.


Then we will be turning these ideas into a paragraph. Try to use the best language you can. 


For our first skills lesson we are looking at how to "show and not tell" when describing. Rather than stating how a character feels, we can describe their actions.

For example:

Mr Clarke was angry. 

This is a basic sentence which just states a fact.

Mr. Clarke’s face turned an alarming shade of crimson. The veins in his temples were clearly visible as they pulsed furiously like the steady beat of a drum. A bead of sweat trickled down his forehead whilst the children prepared themselves for the inevitable explosion

This really shows the level of his anger and shows us how he is displaying his anger.


In this lesson we are gathering a bank of actions to show emotion.



Using some of the ideas we collected yesterday, we are writing the part of the Hero Twins myth where the twins approach a new challenge:  a maze.


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