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First have a go at this week's spelling rule which is the -shul sound at the end of a word 



Spelling words

  • Potential
  • Spatial
  • Martial
  • Influential
  • partial
  • confidential
  • essential
  • substantial
  • torrential
  • sequential
Show that you understand the meaning of the words by writing them into full sentences.


This week we are starting our study of Shakespeare's play, starting with Macbeth. Our week kicks off with investigating a crime scene in school and piecing together the clues left, before we read the story of Macbeth. 

Familiarise yourself with the story and write notes on the key points by watching the BBC Teach videos.

You need to note down:

  • the main points of the story
  • any details about the setting (when/where it is set)
  • the main characters



Today we are going to do some grammar practise - looking at using apostrophes for possession.


Try this worksheet


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