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This week, we will be completing a 'Hot Write' in school. This means we will be writing our very own Fairy Tale based on Jack and the Beanstalk.

Last week, you were guided through writing the story, looking at how to develop sentence structure in your writing. We looked at using suffixes (words ending in -ly, -ness, -ful, -ment etc) and how these could enhance our sentences.

E.g. Jack excitedly showed his mum the magic beans the old man had given him.

We also looked at how we could use subordinate conjunctions to extend our sentence or star them in different ways. 

E.g. While the Giant was busy cooking in the kitchen, Jack and the hen shared tales of what their lives were like.

We also looked at using contractions (linked to our Phonics) and possessive apostrophes.

E.g. Jack's mum was furious with him. "I can't believe you swapped our last pennies for some silly beans!"


Therefore, we would like you to write your own Fairy Tale based on the events in the story 'Jack and the Baked Beanstalk'. You will be changing one element of the story to make it your own.

You can either change the character of 'Jack' to a different character. E.g. Jane, Lilly etc


You can change the baked beanstalk to a different climbing plant. E.g. a sunflower.


We will be allowing you two days to write your story. You must write the story on your own. You can ask for spellings to words you are unsure of but the ideas, punctuation etc must be your own.

We have decided that it would be nicer to write in our own books, which you will find attached, and to add our own illustrations. (Like a real author)


We will then spend Wednesday and Thursday editing our writing, using the attached slides. You can do this too, at home, using a green pen or pencil.

Once your writing is complete, do send it in to your class teacher, so that they can mark it for you.


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